When Taurus and Capricorn come together in a love match, it’s a practical, sensible partnership. You just happen to … Who Would Win In A Fight: Cancer Versus All The Other Zodiac Signs . Sign in . Who would win an argument: Capricorn or Taurus? 1. capricorn. They'll learn a number of skills to improve their quality of life at home, from learning how to divide chores to repairing household objects and maintaining their cars, while also working with their children to help make sure all their needs are covered. Gemini vs Libra Who will win a stand up competition? From what I’ve observed, Taurus and Capricorn aren’t as similar as they seem. Influenced by the motion of Venus, single Taurus will meet a right one, and come across their crush at a certain time. 8 4 ☆~вєƒu∂∂ℓє∂~☆ 8 years ago. Dirtyjokes. Cancer Scorpio Capricorn Image 6069511 On Favim Com. Aries vs Gemini: Gemini is more of debating than fighting. Aries vs Capricorn: Dunno, maybe Capricorn. Source: quora.com. That Is So Unfair Does Caner Have To Be Last I Could Win A. Capricorn finds in Taurus a mate to root with, and build a stable life from the ground up. Sagittarius doesn't believe in fighting, as S. considers fighting is a waste of energy. I've always believed in horoscopes. Taurus sees financial prosperity as a desire but Capricorn views financial stability as a necessity - it is a way to build a foundation to secure the future. A complete shame. Taurus can go on and on. July 8, 2015. Capricorn can also stop and let Taurus win lol idk depends on their charts I've been on the Taurus side of this argument basically my whole life. Which Sign Could You Beat In A Fight According To Your Zodiac. Zodiacs & Astrology News: Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility - The Taurean is looked at as a sensual native but a Capricorn is pretty cut out or emotionally laidback at times. Sagittarius vs Leo? There is always a reason. Though the Capricorn is VERY competitive. LOL! Taurus's Youth and Capricorn's Maturity Blend Well. Lv 5. Taurus is not interested in risking more than is necessary in terms of emotional connection and involvement, and Capricorn is similarly disinterested in risk, but more in terms of money and career. A Taurus and Aquarius combat: Taurus makes use of rationality and Aquarius makes use of logic however issues nonetheless get messy. Who will win in Sagittarius vs Capricorn fight to the death? Capricorn would "win" that battle cause they tend to be detached from emotion and Taurus are the complete opposite. team blue have more willingness to work as a team so they will win. 0 1. Update: During their primes of course. Aries. I say that bacause when a Taurus gets mad up to a point where they are willing to get into a fight they get pretty fired up. 3. depends, probably taurus but some geminis are crazy and could win. Source(s): Gemini Sun/Taurus Moon. Capricorn and Taurus are both Earth signs and have in common the same need for security and stability, as well as unfailing realism. Brains or bronze is the question. And yes, they would win in a fight with a Pisces. Libra or Capricorn? The status-seeking Capricorn finds a mate in Taurus that excels on the home front, as the bookkeeper and chef. What do you think of the answers? Capricorn. Scorpio can never win taurus in a fight,they might win with mouth abd hurting if they a weak possesive taurus. You are enduring and composed, and you mistrust abstracts as well as utopian concepts because you judge the tree by its fruits. Virgos don't like to argue I think, they would probably end it because Capricorn or Taurus would keep on going. Taurus is naturally stubborn, while Capricorn is known to be stubborn for a reason. 2. aries. You live and breath to hate on Scorpois. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Taurus Capricorn arguments and fights could arise from the fixed vs. cardinal dynamic and the fact that Taurus being a fixed sign may have difficulty cosigning on some of the abrupt life-changing moves Capricorn may be inspired to make. 7 years ago. This is exactly what could make them a perfect couple. 8 years ago. You share the common personality of being loyal to love; The Capricorn could find the gentle and playful side of Taurus while Taurus can find the Capricorn is sincere and reliable. Mentally may not be the toughest, cause of there raw emotions as i have already mentioned, so . Scorpio. And in a fight between Taurus and Aries - Aries would win. I know I have a very late response on this but this just so happened to cross my mind so i searched it. Sagittarius will be too busy thinking about what is fair and what isn't. I think the Capricorn would be right, and make sense, but would eventually just give in. In this video I talk about Capricorn versus Taurus. However, when a Capricorn finally decides that they want to enter into a relationship, it needs to have a look on the zodiac signs that are considered to be Capricorn compatible signs, which include Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces. Source(s): Cancerian. They win when they WANT to. If anyone's the psycho, you are. Don't play dumb. 3. Aries is more physical. I would say Taurus to win all of the above :-) Taurus are very emotional, they wear there hearts on there sleeve. 2 3. Dec 6, 2016 Ratings: +1,425 / 89 / -45. makemeproud said: ↑ Virgos are notorious punk bitches. why? 13 Answers. And nerves. Best Answers. read more. These are the particular signs that are best matches for Capricorn. x 2; WTF! By Zach Russell. Anonymous. Taurus and Capricorn can work together to make beautiful homes. Cancer vs Aries? Capricorn. As a Sagittarius that I am, I may say that the S. will try to avoid a fight as much as possible. aquarius won't fight an old ally (capricorn), Libra won't take part at all, gemini will be trying to settle a negotiation when they get ambushed. Pretend you're fighting with your boss and your job is on the line if you win. Taurus is the bull, hard headed, doesn't give up easy, but then there is the Capricorn who can rely on his wits to win just about anything. Similarly, you both value commitment, and it's fairly likely that marriage will be (or was) discussed early in the relationship. Relevance. HOWEVER. Scorpio vs Taurus Scorpios What Have You Done For Revenge Those are some of the threads started by you. When both have high powered careers, which is likely, they go into the all work, no play zone. Cancer vs Capricorn, Who would win? Having the nicest house, who will win? They are likely to volunteer together – believing that social responsibility is part of a well-rounded person and good for the Curriculum Vitae. Answer Save. These two Signs share a certain down-to-earth logic and interest in efficiency. Aries vs Taurus: Taurus will eat Aries the ram . In combination with other signs of the zodiac it can be hard for them to open up and feel the need to experiment, even though Capricorn will do their best to show how ingenious they are when it comes to sex. Mike Tyson (Cancer) or Muhammad Ali (Capricorn) I would include the other Cardinal signs, but they wouldn't stand a chance. Aries vs Sagittarius: Aries without a question scorpio vs. cancer - cancer by a mile. Capricorn vs. Aries= Aries puts up a good fight, but is no match. I was just wondering who would win! capricorn vs. taurus - capricorn. I use to think Capricorns but that changed after my sister's who's a Libra got in a fight with her boyfriend who's a Capricorn :) they broke up but he came around again he's like a typical cap male stub born emotionless and so on anyway here's how it went down My sister and I were hanging out at her house when he bf came and she's a Libra so even … Taurus vs Libra? Taurus and Capricorn can both be quite rigid when it comes to sex. Aries vs Virgo: Probably Aries. A Taurus and Capricorn combat: Filled with low blows, unfairness, and hardheadedness. x 1; Mar 12, 2018 #291. coffeestar Well-Known Member. Cancer Zodiac Sign Compatibility TAGS ; taurus fights; zodiac fights; Facebook. And that ranting and raving Pisces, is a prime example of a Pisces that is mentally unhinged. The Taurus would think they won the argument. Taurus/Capricorn always appear poised in public and friends wonder if they ever fight – they do but just not in public – loyal and protective of each other these signs firmly believe in the phrase “United front”. A persuading a Pisces to do something, who will they follow? Aquarius. With a Leo, it could be either or, a toss-up. A Taurus and Pisces combat: Taurus is cussed and grudge holding, Pisces jumps to conclusions and assaults. Calendar 2020 Zodiac Signs Aquarius Libra Leo Taurus Cancer Pisces. Favourite answer. Taurus is happier with what is familiar to them because it appeals to their need for comfort. If a Taurus can work on owning up to their behavior, and a Leo can try to take the drama down a notch, these two can surely make it work. Taurus Love in 2020. In a court battle, which lawyer would be the most persuasive? … In all others, except the aforementioned, Taurus would win. This one isn't easy, but I will go with the brains. that leaves Leo and Aries to take them on by their own. In a Taurus Capricorn relationship you're on the same wavelength, and will find it very easy to understand each other, and from very early on you will both recognize the potential of this relationship. Taurus. 4. cancer because they really are more evil then leos, trust me, and they're a … 508 385. Truthfully it all depends on the people in the fight. Capricorn vs. Taurus= Capricorn is quicker and smarter. Capricorn (December 22–January 19): Make the other person look good. Twitter. 8 years ago. I don't KNOW who would def win, but, IMO: Aries v. Leo - Aries. Aries vs Leo: Leo might chew up the ram's bones . Lets Be Honest, which Team Would win Capricorn Cancer Aquarius Virgo Gemini Scorpio Aries Taurus Saggitarius Pisces Libra Leo TEAM B OF COURSE from Instagram tagged as Meme